Brave! Factory Fectival
Closer, Kyivmetrobud factory, 2017

Clemens Behr, site-specific installation for Brave! Factory Festival 2017. Image courtesy of Clemens Behr

Artists: Clemens Behr, Oleksiy Zolotariov, Zbiok, Vitaliy Makoviy, Evgeniy Chernyshov, Normalna Grafika, Evgeniy Washcenko, Andrew Siguntsov, Kateryna Libkind, Konstantin Shakula, We Bad, Alina Kleytman, Yuriy Sivirin. Curators: Maria Vtorushina, Andrew Siguntsov, Kateryna Ray, Daria Shevtsova. 

An idea to write the word “Brave!” on one of the 90 meters long roofs of the Kyivmetrobud factory brought the music team of the festival together. Now, what is going to happen when a huge industrial site welcomes dozens of ideas and becomes a place for electronic music acts, contemporary art installations and urban culture objects? 

Warehouses and machine halls were turned into rave spaces and galleries, walls became huge canvases, concrete platforms and unmapped coppices were transformed into concert stages and daytime dance floors. Elevators, traveling bridges, machines, old barrels and pipes were our balconies, cafes, stages, lounge zones and dating points. We united more than fifty cutting edge and legendary musicians, Djs and contemporary artists from around the world. The factory was brave enough to host all of these gifted and strong artists and help them in every possible way. The factory was even brave enough to cut production plans and just to do dancing with the visitors. 

Zbiok, site-specific work for Brave! Factory Festival, 2017 

Evgeniy Chernyshov, Enlightement, Brave! Factory Festival, 2017 

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